Record Label: ATO Records
Director: Mixtape Club
Executive Producer: Michael Feder
Producer: Hana Shimizu
Design: Erin KilkennyEmmett DziezaArthur HurMichael Seiser Tavet GillsonJoe Posner
Animation: Arthur HurErin KilkennyEmmett DziezaMichael SeiserTavet GillsonAndrew MacFarlaneWill Decker
3D: Emmett Dzieza
Storyboards: Tavet Gillson
Editor: Joe Suslak
Production Assistant: Corey Ryan

August 2008

Set deep in a verdant jungle on a dark night, “Touch Me I’m Going To Scream Pt. 2” stars a furry, timid creature with gigantic eyes. Mixtape Club drew from an array of inspirations such as the BBC’s “Planet Earth”, foliage plucked from the streets of New York City, and the work of Russian animator Yuri Norstein. The finished video is a haunting, seemingly hand-painted, lonely story with a touch of fairy tale sweetness.

Official Selection: 2009 Slamdance Festival
Official Selection: 2009 Worldwide Short Film Festival
2008 Adobe MAX Awards – Finalist: Video Category
MTV2 “Top 25 of 2008”
Published: STASH 49