Client: Area/Code
Production Company: Hornet Inc.
Director: Mixtape Club
Executive Producer: Michael Feder
Producer: Sang Jin-Bae
Production Coordinator: Zack Kortright
Character Design: Danny Kimanyen
Design: Lindsey Mayer-BeugConnie Li Chan
Animation: Efrain CintronMike LuzziConnie Li ChanFrank SummersLizzi Akana
3D: Erwin Riau, Frank Suarez
Storyboards: Ashley Boddy
Editor: Anita Chao
Music: Huma=Huma

December 2009

Code of Everand is a free, massive multiplayer online game developed by Area/Code for the UK Department for Transport to promote road safety among school children. We, at Mixtape Club, always wear our seatbelts, never take candy from strangers, and look both ways before crossing streets. What a perfect match!