Agency: Boss Creative
Director: Daniel Garcia & Michelle Higa Fox
Technical Director: Devan Simunovich
Producer: Ty Walker
Director of Photography: Zak Mulligan
Design: Andre Salyer, Devan Simunovich, Michelle Higa Fox
Animation: Andre Salyer, Devan Simunovich, Michelle Higa Fox
Editor: Bennett Barbakow
Assistant Editor: Nick Lentz
Color: Seth Ricart
Styling: Elena Vazintaris
Makeup: Julianne Laney
Special Thanks: Rooftop Films

Adult Swim:
Executive Producer: Jason Demarco
Writer/Creative: Siobahn Price

January 2012

Just a typical day at work. I love my job.

We’re starting off the year with a surreal ride through technicolor forests, ocean depths, and outer space. To create the journey, we used multiple projectors, custom mapping via TouchDesigner, and many delicious coffees. That’s what I call a trip!